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Created in 1995 by Cameron Bailey, Planet Africa was a Festival programme dedicated to cinema from Africa and the African diaspora. Programmed by Cameron Bailey, followed by June Givanni and then Gaylene Gould, it ran as a part of the TIFF Festival for 10 years.

As we celebrate its founding a quarter century ago, TIFF also marks 2020's Black Lives Matter uprisings with special events under the banner of Planet Africa 25. 

September 10 - 19, 2020 | Planet Africa 25: Film Screenings

TIFF has selected four new films for the Official Selection that embody the spirit of Planet Africa. Click on film for ticket details:

  • The Way I See It | Dawn Porter | USA - Fri, Sep 11, 6pm 

  • Akilla’s Escape | Charles Officer | Canada, Sat, Sep 12, 9pm & Tue, Sep 15, 6pm

  • Downstream to Kinshasa (En route pour le milliard) | Dieudo Hamadi | The Democratic Republic of the Congo/France/Belgium - Mon, Sep 14, 6pm 

  • 40 Years A Prisoner | Tommy Oliver | USA - Thu, Sep 17, 6pm

Sunday, September 13, 6pm | Planet Africa 25 Panel: Origin Stories

This is an online panel in which Bailey and the team that built Planet Africa will be looking at what the programme’s legacy means today. Joining the panel June Givanni, Gaylene Gould, maxine bailey, Hayet Benkara, Karen Carter, Grecia Mayers and Orla Garriques for a conversation, about how it all started, obstacles, successes, and what Planet Africa means to our age of Black Lives Matter.

Sunday, September 13, 10pm | Planet Africa Party

In celebration of what was often called the hottest night of the Festival, TIFF presents Planet Africa 25: The Return of the Planet Africa Party, where 
movie stars mingled with local artists, international filmmakers, and Toronto’s Black community on the dance floor. This year online join legendary DJ Dave Campbell and a special guest from B.L.A.C.K. for a dance party live streamed from a secret location. Audiences can join by going to [URL To Come]- SAVE THE DATE!

Wednesday, September 16, 3pm Planet Africa 25 Panel: Black Film Now

Black Film Now brings this year's selected Planet Africa filmmakers Dieudo Hamadi, Charles Officer, Tommy Oliver and Dawn Porter together with Bailey for a conversation on the vitality and challenges of contemporary Black filmmaking. 

Commemorating the Program: Planet Africa Legacy Website

The Planet Africa Legacy website is a digital time capsule, a chronology of one of the most influential decades of Black Film History. Celebrating the films, filmmakers and its legacy as part of the 25th Anniversary of PLANET AFRICA during TIFF 2020.

Cameron Bailey

Artistic Director & Co-Head TIFF

Founder, Planet Africa

#TIFF20 | #PlanetAfricaLegacy

The Way I See It
Akilla's Escape by Charles Officer
Downstream to Kinshasa (En route pour le milliard) by Dieudo Hamadi
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