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We want to hear from you.


As you can see from the preview of PLANET AFRICA  DIGITAL ARCHIVE  TIME CAPSULE, we have an important and historically significant story to share and celebrate. 

The initial archive was assembled from two private collections and the TIFF Reference Library (TRF). It is a work in progress.  

  • Were you an artist, talent  or part of an event that was part of Planet Africa that should be included in the archive?

  • Do you have pictures from Planet Africa that  you would like to contribute to the digital archive?

  • What's Your Planet Africa Story?


Planet Africa Filmmakers


Planet Africa Filmmakers  profile update:

Please submit you materials by Monday September 1, 11:11pm EST

  • Bios (300 characters):  of an artist  or event that was part of Planet 

  • Pics: add Dimensions

  • Artwork 

  • Links:  (IMDB, 

Permissions & Reuse


Reuse/Republication of the Work in Theses or Collections:

Authors may reuse all or part of the Submitted, Accepted or Published Work in a thesis or dissertation that the author writes and is required to submit to satisfy the criteria of degree-granting institutions.

The author should secure written confirmation (via letter or email) from TBC to avoid potential conflicts prior publication*/embargo policies.

Thanks for submitting!

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